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The most famous Bunny | Adult

A magazine that marked an era

Hugh Hefner was responsible for creating the men’s adult entertainment magĀ­azine Playboy, which helped spark the sexual revolution of the 60s. One of the most famous icons of the adult industry is the Playboy Bunny. Being associated with the famous pornographic magazine Playboy, one of the earliest representations of soft porn. Today we have access to videos of great quality and variety within the theme (with sexy milfs, Lesbian Scissoring, Deepthroat blowjobs, and Sex videos that make anyone hallucinate with pleasure) but nothing replaces the greatness that this magazine represents in the adult entertainment sector.

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Why you should adopt a rabbit?

Rabbit is a mammal of the order of lagomorphs and family of Leporidae. It has long ears and legs, has a short tail, and does not stand out as a runner. They are all herbivores and differ from rodents in that they have two pairs of incisor teeth in the jaw and a small pair just behind the larger pair. Their forelimbs end with five fingers, the hind limbs with four, and all have nails. The rabbit sits only its...

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Everything you need to know to adopt a rabbit

Extremely cute and sociable, rabbits, although traditionally linked to Easter and charm stories, have been increasingly adopted as pets. If you are looking for a different pet, then a rabbit can be an excellent suggestion – but before you take that step, find out everything you need to know to take a rabbit home. WHY A RABBIT? Aside from their naturally caring appearance, rabbits are intelligent, highly sociable animals and an excellent companion – everything you want in a pet,...

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