Why you should adopt a rabbit?

Rabbit is a mammal of the order of lagomorphs and family of Leporidae. It has long ears and legs, has a short tail, and does not stand out as a runner. They are all herbivores and differ from rodents in that they have two pairs of incisor teeth in the jaw and a small pair just behind the larger pair.

Their forelimbs end with five fingers, the hind limbs with four, and all have nails. The rabbit sits only its fingers on the ground raising the metacarpal and the metatarsal; it is therefore like most rodents a semi-plantiguous animal. The coat varies according to the race. It can be smooth and short, well hairy with longer hairs and even with the hair half coiled.


The adequate feeding is composed of various dark green vegetables (always well washed), various fruits (also washed and cut into pieces), hay and rabbit food (which should be changed daily).

Rabbits usually eat every 4 hours but if there is food at will they eat more often a day and therefore control the amount they are going to eat. If there is little food they eat too much when it appears in front of them. Therefore it is important to always leave food at ease and to change it when it becomes wilted. Generally, one can prepare the dish with food 4 times a day (early morning – noon – late afternoon – between 22 and 24 hours). It is advisable to vary the food and check which fruits and vegetables the ears like better.

It is important to sanitize the pots daily.